Adobe recently announce that their website builder will be discontinued leaving their users scrambling to find a replacement. Obviously they have left their users in difficult position as switching and rebuilding a website is a huge headache.

Fortunately there are some great alternatives, especially for Mac users who don’t want to have to learn a completely new website building platform.

EverWeb, which has been around for longer than Adobe Muse, shares many of the same features in simpler and easier to use interface.

The features you love in Adobe Muse can also be found in EverWeb.

  1. No coding, 100% drag and drop visual website builder
  2. Built in Master Pages – One change can change every page on your site!
  3. Build as many websites as you like
  4. No subscription! Unlike Adobe Muse you are not tied to a subscription service if you don’t want it
  5. 500,000 free stock photos to use on your website
  6. Google Fonts Support
  7. Built in blogging platform
  8. Built in e-commerce
  9. Thriving third party market
  10. Built in SEO features
  11. Powerful Website Contact Forms
  12. HTML Code injection

And much more! EverWeb is free to try to start changing your website over to a modern, and easy to use, Adobe Muse Replacement.

Since Muse will not receive any updates passed 2018 (and has only received minor ones for some time), it’s time to move over to a website builder that gives you similar features with similar ease of use.