Hey guys. In case you have been living under a rock, iWeb was discontinued a few years ago. Thousands of iWeb began scrambling looking for a suitable iWeb alternative. Really, up until RAGE Software announced EverWeb, there really was no good alternative. There were replacements and substitutes but no real alternative. If you haven’t done so yet, check out EverWeb. It’s a great iWeb-like drag and drop application. Building a website is so easy with EverWeb. Any iWeb user needs to download it and check it out. You will definitely love it!

There are a number of great features in EverWeb that were never found in iWeb.

Mobile Websites

EverWeb lets  you easily build mobile sites for your website. That means you gets  optimized site that looks great on Mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones.

Many people use mobile devices to browse the web so catering to them is very important. Having this feature in EverWeb is a huge improvement over iWeb!

Drop Down Navigation Menu

A really cool feature in EverWeb is the automatic drop down navigation feature. Unlike iWeb, you had some pretty basic navigation menus.

With EverWeb you can create drop down menus and customize your menus with a lot of options not available in iWeb.

Master Pages

One really awesome feature in EverWeb is Master Pages. If you create a Master Page you can quickly change your website’s design just by changing the Master Page.

So you design your site once and assign the design to each page on your site. Then, when you want to update your design, simply edit the Master Page and your changes are applied to every page on your site that uses that Master Page.

Support for Internet Explorer

We all know how bad iWeb sites performed on Internet Explorer. EverWeb sites are compatible with all web browsers, including Internet Explorer.

Works on Mavericks

We all know iWeb doesn’t work all that well on Mavericks, (OS X 10.9). EverWeb works flawlessly on Mavericks and is fully compatible with the latest operating system.


Yes, we’re all upset that Apple hasn’t released an iWeb 11, iWeb 12, iWeb 13 and now iWeb 14. But EverWeb is the future and the time to make the switch is now!

Download, EverWeb – Your iWeb Alternative, and try it out.