In this video tutorial, I will briefly show you how to create food groups, and how to  add a new product in Perfect diet tracker.


The first thing I will show you is how to create a food group. Here we have a days worth of food items. Under the Dinner heading, there are 4 different items shown. If it is not uncommon for you to have identical meals during the week, then you will be able to save a lot of time by creating a group for these items in your meal.


There are different ways of doing this, but here I will show you one very simple process. Select all of the items that you wish to include in your group. You can do this by holding down the command key on your mac, or the control key on your PC, and then clicking on the items.


Then, by the group option, click the Create button. Next, a popup screen will appear with the foods that you checked off listed. It will prompt you to type in a desired name for your food group. I will name mine Tuesday Dinner.


Here is a quick simulation on how to add the group to your diary. Let’s assume it’s Tuesday, and I just had that exact same meal.  On the group option, I will click on the Insert button. Under groups, I’ll select Tuesday Dinner, and then hit the Add button, followed by the Add selected products to diary. If I wish to modify the food group for that day, I also have the option of doing so. 


And now all four of my items show up in my diary under dinner, just like they did in the previous diary entry. 


So that’s a very easy way of creating and using Food groups. Now I’m going to show you how to add a new product to the search list.


The first thing I’m going to do is search for my product to see if it is there. When I look through the list, I can’t find the product I’m searching for, so it is time for me to add it to the database. I do this by clicking on the Add New Product button. The window that pops up will ask me to input the nutritional facts that accompanies the product. I will fast forward this process.


So now that all the nutritional facts are inputted, I can press the Add product button. Now, my product I just added shows up for the search term I just put in. I can now add this product to my diary.


If I happen to realize that my product has ended up under the wrong meal, I can easily change it to a different meal by right clicking and then selecting the correct meal.