In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get rid of the dreaded Softonic Toolbar that plagues many of us when we download something from

Firstly, I’m going to download an application from Softonic. The reason I am doing this is because on the Toolbar, there is an option to Uninstall and I want Windows users to see this. I will not go through the steps of doing it on a Windows computer because the instructions are available to you. Users of Mac OS X are not as fortunate.

So I’ll fast forward through this installation process, even this dirty part where they don’t give you the option of not installing the toolbar.

So now that the toolbar is installed, you can see it in Safari, as well as this little Alerts Bell that appears in my Menu Bar.

So if you click on the Softonic Icon and then select Uninstall, here is where the Windows users can get the uninstall instructions from.

If you are using a Mac, follow these simple instructions. First we gotta open the Finder. I think a lot of you make the mistake of selecting your user account to get to your Library. Instead, click on the main Hard Drive. The first thing we are deleting is located in the Applications folder. The folder we are deleting is called Toolbars.

Next, click on Library, and then Application Support, and delete the folder called Conduit or however it is pronounced.

Lastly, click on Library, and then on InputManagers and delete the folder called CTLoader.

Now watch the alerts bell in the menu bar as I quit Safari. See ya!

I’ll re-open Safari to show you that the Toolbar is gone, and everything is back to normal, and I can once again open a link in a new tab.