Learn how to make your iWeb site rank higher in search engines with the iWeb SEO video tutorial.

In this video I’m going to show you how to add a statcounter.com code, as well as a Google Analytics code to your iWeb site using RAGE Software’s iWeb SEO tool, which is a free tool available at ragesw.com

The first thing I’m going to do is load up my website. You can either open your website that you have published to a folder, or load your idisk sites.

Now that I have my site loaded, I’m going press the Site Settings tab. The field box that says Analytics code is where I want to put my codes from the third-party sites. The first thing I want to show you is how to add the statcounter.com code. In my browser, my code is already there for me to copy. Going back to iWeb SEO Tool, I select one of the HTML files and simply paste the code into the Analytics code field box. Click on the Apply to Entire Site button, and now the statcounter tracking code is placed on all of my pages within the site.

The same method applies to the Google Analytics code. In my browser, the code is already ready for me to copy. Back in iWeb SEO Tool, once again, I simply paste the copied code and click on the Apply to Entire Site Button.

And thats how easy it is to add statcounter.com or Google analytics using this tool.

Now, I just want to quickly show you how to use the remainder of this tool. The other options we have to use are Title Tags, Meta Tags, and Images. The Custom Meta Tags are for more advanced users so don’t worry about them right now.

If I want to change one of my title tags, I click on the Title Tag tab, and then click on the page that I want to change.  Then I type in my new title tag, and then hit the apply button. Repeat this process for all of the titles that you want to change.

Same thing goes for the meta tags. Click on the Meta Tags tab, type in your website description, and then type in the keywords that are relevant to your site, and hit the apply button.  If you are unsure what keywords to use, you can use another free product by RAGE Software called SEKeyword, or you can use an online keyword checker such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

For your images, click on the Images tab, and then double click on the Alternative text that you want to change. Type in your new alternative text. Repeat the process for as many images as you want. Then hit the apply button. Remember to be descriptive with your alternative text. Avoid using image titles such as picture 21, or img03.

Once you are done, you can publish your website directly from this tool.

More videos explaining some of the items mentioned in this video can be viewed at www.apptorial.com