This video tutorial will teach you how to create and use the reports section of the application Money. There are multiple report types that you can choose from. I will show you a few to give you an idea of what the reports might look like.


To begin creating a report, click on the Money button in the top left corner of your menu bar. Select the New Report option.


In the window, type in the name you want to give to this report. Next, select the account or accounts you want to include in the report.


Select the Report Type that you want to create, and then specify your Date Range. You can choose different components of the report you wish to view. You can choose from text only, charts only, or a combination of both, I will show you how these options differ. 


This is what a text only monthly report looks like. It shows our total income and our total expenses, as well as our top 5 expense categories, and our top 5 income categories.


To view this report in chart form, we must first edit it by right clicking and selecting edit report. Now we’ll choose the pie chart option and press OK. Now we can see our top 5 expense categories in pie chart format. 


If we want, we can also see our top 5 expense categories in bar chart format by once again, right clicking on the report, and selecting edit report. Then we’ll select the bar chart, and hit OK. And now we have that same information organized in a bar graph. We also have the option of viewing the reports in a hybrid of pie and text, or bar and text.


Now let’s edit the report again, but this time we’ll choose a different report type so that we can see the differences between each options we have available. When I choose spending by category, a new option shows up allowing me to choose individual categories, all categories, or only active categories. I’ll choose All Active categories, and then select the text only component. 


Now we are shown a report of our spending by category.  Automobile and Bills each had 2 transactions and are thus placed at the top of the category list. Now let’s edit this report so that we can see it in a pie chart format. Right click on the report, and select edit report. Then choose the pie chart option and click okay. 


Now we see all of our transactions broken down into a pie chart. The big orange piece of the pie shows the Bills category, with the Automobile category in red, and the clothing in blue very close behind.


Now let’s demonstrate one more report type. This time we’ll select Transaction by category,  and we’ll take a look at it using the text only option. 


This report shows us all of our transactions, listed with their respective categories, as well as their respective payees. 


With the reports, you can also view and then save them as PDF’s. This is a very helpful feature as your reports section can get cluttered over time, and saving them will make things much easier for you when you need to look back on your income and spending. 


You can also email these reports from within the application, or simply print them off.


So that is how you can use the reports features of this application. To learn more about Money, be sure to view the rest of the videos in our video tutorial series.