This video tutorial will show you how to use currencies with the application Money. 


Money is an application used all over the world. The program is built with over 100 different currencies in mind. It is therefore important that we specify to the program which currency or currencies apply to us. 


Click on the Money button on the menu bar in the top left corner of your screen and select preferences. Then click on the currency tab.


The first thing you can do, is specify what your default currency is. Selecting a default currency will save you a lot of time over the course of all of your transactions.


The area below shows the long list of all the currencies available in the application.  The currencies that are checked off are all of the currencies that will show up for you in the application when you are doing things such as adding bank accounts, transactions, or paying bills.


If you want to take off a currency that you don’t often use, simply uncheck it. If you want to add any other currencies, check off the box for that currency. All active currencies will be at the top of this currency box.


You can change the currency that is currently being used to show conversions by selecting the different currencies from the drop down menu. You’ll notice the changes made as each different currency is selected.


If you wish to change an exchange rate on your own, select the currency you want to change and press the Update rate button. Then type in the rate that you want. 


You can also update the currencies by clicking on the download button in the bottom right corner. After just a few seconds, the currencies will all have been updated. 


The currencies will automatically update if the Download on startup checkbox in the lower left corner is ticked. 


So that’s how you modify the currencies used in Money. Be sure to view the other videos in our video tutorial series.