In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use the Isolate feature in the application Optimism. 


The isolate feature will allow you to filter your data in an effort to help you further locate patterns in your behaviors and moods.


First, click on the Isolate button at the top of the application. In this drop down menu, select one of the given categories. I am going to choose Amount of Exercise, and then I am going to select Greater Than 10 minutes. 


Now, when I press the search button, the results shown will be all the days inputted that have more than 10 minutes of exercise done. 


The Isolate feature becomes even more powerful when you use multiple searches. To do so, click on the Plus sign here. Now we can select another one of the categories. Let’s see how many days show up when we add Mood being greater than 5.


The results seen here are the days where the amount of exercise done was more than 10 minutes, AND the mood was higher than 5. At any point in your searches, you can change the options as well as the values to see the differences that appear in the results.


You also have the option to see every single result for each query by selecting Any under the Match menu. What this does is, it now shows the results for the days when exercise was greater than 10 minutes and/or mood was higher than 5.


You can add more options to your searches by doing the same process. You can use all of the fields that you fill out on a day to day basis, such as How Well You Coped, Stay well strategies, triggers, and symptoms. You can even filter the results for the quantity of stay well strategies, triggers, and symptoms. 


By continuing to change the entries in the filters, you can really become aware certain trends in your daily lifestyle. With so many options available to you in the Isolate window, there is an endless amount of analytical work that can be done. 


So that’s how you use the powerful Isolate feature in this application. Be sure to view the other video tutorials to learn more about Optimism.