Don’t forget to check out the iWeb SEO video walkthrough tutorial to learn how to get your site ranked higher in search engines.

This video is for those of you who publish your iWeb site using MobileMe, have a blog on your site, and want to optimize your site using iWeb SEO Tool. I will repeat that once more… if you publish your iWeb site to MobileMe, have a blog, and wish to use iWeb SEO Tool,  you must follow these simples instructions so that the commenting feature on your blog does not become disabled.

The first thing you must remember to do, is publish your site to your iDisk directly from iWeb.

Once your site is published, you are ready to begin your optimization using iWeb SEO Tool.

Make sure you load your site using the Load iDisk Sites button.

The preferences in iWeb SEO Tool are set to not allow a page file that contains the word ‘blog’ to be optimized. The reason for this is that if a file of this kind is optimized, it will compromise the file and cause the blog commenting feature to not function. In some cases, the blog files may not contain the word ‘blog’ in them. This would be due to the user naming these files something different. If that is the case, you can change the preferences so that the tool does not optimize the files for your blog. So let’s say for example that you change the name of this file here from Blog to Journal. When optimizing your site in iWeb SEO Tool, you must change the preferences so that the tool is set to not optimize files that contain the word Journal.

Once you have optimized all of your pages, you do not need to publish your site to your MobileMe account within the tool. Since you are logged in, and have loaded your site directly from your iDisk, the changes you make in iWeb SEO Tool will be reflected immediately after you press the apply button.