This video tutorial will answer the extremely popular question, “What is Twitter?” Twitter is the next big craze in social networking, proving to be popular among many people including celebrities, and even the president of the united states, Oprah. 


Here we see the AppTorial Twitter account which I’ve just recently created. Up here in the What are you doing box is where people write their twitters, or tweets as it is most commonly known as. 


Below that screen, are recent tweets done by others on Twitter. These tweets shown here are from people who AppTorial is currently following. You will not see Tweets on your home page of people you are not following.


Let’s make a tweet right now so you can see what it looks like. So I type in my tweet and press the update button. Now my tweet is visible to all people who are currently following me. 


Twitter even allows you to send direct messages to other fellow twitter users. Let’s visit the Twitter profile for another fellow twitterer that I am currently following. To find all the people I am following, I simply click on the button near the top that displays how many people I am following.


All of these tweets here, are the tweets done by this person, and this person only. 


Following someone on Twitter is very easy. Simply find the person you want to follow, which can be done via a search, or by just coming across their profile. There is a little button beside their name, which will allow you to follow them.


So that’s what Twitter is all about in under 3 minutes.