For  more detailed instructions on making your website load faster, please see the tutorial that comes with a license to the iWeb SEO Video, the RapidWeaver SEO Video, or the Learn SEO Video Course

Recently, Google has begun it’s campaign to make the web faster. As you can see here, the Company has even setup this section on its website, dedicated to educating its users on why it has this goal in mind, and how webmasters can play a role.  They have also posted some videos on YouTube which describe this effort. The titles here for these two videos, which are Let’s make the web faster, and Every millisecond counts, really show that Google is serious about this.

So, what are the implications for you as a webmaster? Well, you must now keep in mind that the speed of your website, may be a large factor in your search engine rankings. This can be really unfortunate for iWeb users for two reasons. The first reason is that many iWeb made sites are naturally slow loading. The other reason is that many iWeb webmasters are not aware of how to make their sites load quicker.

In the SEO For iWeb video, not only will you learn many different ways of making your site more search engine friendly, but you will also be taught how to combat this speed issue in an extremely simple way, using just one application.  Get a copy today because your business is worth it.